Sentence Examples with the word require

About 293 he installed his son Antiochus there as viceroy, the vast extent of the empire seeming to require a double government.

The ordinary forms of metallic filings coherer of the Branly type require tapping to bring them back to the high resistance or sensitive condition.

Each one, however, was attached and led onward by the prospect of a higher rank to be attained, while the intellectually gifted had an additional inducement in the assurance that they did not require to submit themselves to any authority, but would be led to God by pure reason.

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Formerly bullion was melted in crucibles made of refractory clay, but they are liable to crack and require careful handling These were succeeded by iron crucibles, especially for melting silver, and these have now been generally replaced by graphite (plumbago) crucibles made of a mixture of clay and graphite.

The seeds are sown in April, and come up in three or four weeks; the plants require protection from frost during their first winter.

But commercial treaties, and such state treaties as impose burdens on the state, or parts of the state, or involve a change of territory, require the parliamentary assent of both states.

Treated analytically, but we shall only require the formula for infisiitely small displacements.

It is remarkable that this fluctuation, whether periodical or not, appears thus to require many years for its accomplishment.

The conditions under which I work require the presence of Miss Sullivan, who has been my teacher and companion for thirteen years, as an interpreter of oral speech and as a reader of examination papers.

Stall and heap roasting require considerable time, and can only be economically employed when the loss of the sulphur is of no consequence; they also occupy much space, but they have the advantage of requiring little fuel and handling.