Sentence Examples with the word requiem

With modern orchestral conditions the text seems positively to demand an unecclesiastical, not to say sensational, style, and probably the only instrumental Requiem Masses which can be said to be great church music are the sublime unfinished work of Mozart (the antecedents of which would be a very interesting subject) and the two beautiful works by Cherubini.

Brahms's Deutsches requiem has nothing to do with the Mass for the dead, being simply a large choral work on a text compiled from the Bible by the composer.

Masses: Missa solennis for the inauguration of the cathedral at Gran; Ungarische Kronungs-messe; Missa choralis (with organ); Missa and Requiem for male voices (with organ); Psalms, 13, 137, 23 and 18; 12 Kirchen-Chor-Gesange (with organ).

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The most celebrated Requiem Masses are those of Palestrina, Mozart and Cherubini.

The name is taken from the first words of the Introit, Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.