Sentence Examples with the word reproduce

Probably the singer was always himself an original poet; he might often be content to reproduce the songs that he had learned, but he was doubtless free to improve or expand them as he chose, provided that his inventions did not conflict with what was supposed to be historic truth.

The Peronosporaceae reproduce themselves sexually by means of antheridia and oogonia as described in Pythium.

There are various copying processes by which it is possible to reproduce an original ruling in more or less perfection.

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Dr Ellis had pipes (now preserved in the Royal Institution, London) made to reproduce both these pitches at 31 in.

The translation which is diffuse and by no means close, fails to reproduce the spirit of the original.

They there seek to reproduce for their own time all the departments of the Aristotelian system.

Medusae, when they reproduce themselves by budding, always produce medusae, but when they reproduce by the sexual method the embryos produced from the egg grow into medusae in some cases, in other cases into polyps which bud medusae in their turn.

The underlying principle is to reproduce natures scenic beauties, all the features being drawn to scale, so that however restricted the space, there shall be no violation of proportion.

There are, however, a considerable number of works which can make out a better or worse claim either to be portraits of Alexander or to reproduce his type, and a large field of discussion is therefore open as to their values and classification (F.

The iron for a statuette must first of all be very fluid, so that it will run into every crevice in its mould, and it must expand in solidifying, so that it shall reproduce accurately every detail of that mould.