Sentence Examples with the word repository

She manipulated the scene before her and saw his concern: the only food repository in the area was under attack.

Singapore had a Journal of the Indian Archipelago from 1847 to 1859, and the Chinese Repository (1832-1851) was edited at Carton by Morrison.

During that time the church was the repository of the shrine of St Cuthbert, which was then removed to Durham.

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The intendant became the kings factotum, not purchasing his office but liable to dismissal, the governments confidential agent and the real repository of royal authority, the governor being only for show (see INTENDANT).

Latterly, and possibly from its inception, this repository consisted of a closet with three locks, of which the keys were entrusted, one to the chief justice of England, another to the attorney-general and the third to the master of the crown office, or coroner.

Herein lies the importance of the priesthood: the priest is not, as in other religions, the mediator between god and man, but on the one hand for the purpose of state-worship the chosen representative of the whole people, on the other the repository of tradition and ritual lore.

Other offices are the New Record Office, the repository of State papers and other records, and the Patent Office in Chancery Lane.

Eusebius' biography of Constantine shows what distortion of fact the father of Church history permitted himself, but the Ecclesiastical History was fortunately written for those who wanted to know what really happened, and remains to-day an invaluable repository of Christian antiquities.

The herbarium at Melbourne, Australia, under Baron Muller, attained large proportions; and that of the Botanical Garden of Calcutta is noteworthy as the repository of numerous specimens described by writers on Indian botany.

The record of the trial was consigned to a new repository (commonly but wrongly called the Baga de Secretis), which thenceforth became the regular place of custody for important state trials.