Sentence Examples with the word replica

The statutes were for the most part a replica of those of New College, members of which were, equally with members of Magdalen, declared to be eligible for the presidency.

Holm, a Danish traveller, had made an exact replica of the tablet, which in 1908 was deposited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

There are also the statue to Sir Redmond Barry, first chancellor of the university, outside the public library; the Gordon statue in Spring Street, a replica of that in Trafalgar Square, London, and a statue of Daniel O'Connell, outside St Patrick's cathedral.

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In addition to the statues in Juneau Park there is a statue of Kosciusko in the park of that name; one of Washington and a soldiers' monument on Grand Avenue; a statue of Henry Bergh in front of the city hall; one of Robert Burns in the First Ward Park, and, in Washington Park, a replica of Ernst Rietschel's Schiller-Goethe monument in Jena, given to the city in 1908 by the Germans of Milwaukee.

At the receiving station electrical mechanisms record the signals once more as perforations in a paper strip forming an exact replica of the transmitting tape.

In one of these villas, excavated by the king of Italy in 1906, was found a fine replica of the famous discobolus of Myron.

In a niche is a Houdon bust of Lafayette, a replica of the original presented to the city of Paris by the state of Virginia.

Story (a replica of the one in London), Roger Brooke Taney by W.

His portrait by Ouless is at the Birmingham Oratory, and his portrait by Millais is in the possession of the duke of Norfolk, a replica being at the London Oratory.

The study beyond was a replica of the one in Virginia, down to the Gothic hood on the fireplace.