Sentence Examples with the word replacing

Kin asked, uneasiness replacing the glow in his eyes.

The four weights are so adjusted that, if the instrument floats with the stem emerging as far as the lower division o with one of the weights attached, then replacing the weight by the next heavier causes the instrument to sink through the whole length of the scale to the upper division o, and the first weight produces the same effect when applied to the naked instrument.

She imagined him snarling over the book she pushed in and replacing the one she'd been reading.

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Its systematic name is formed by replacing the last syllable of the electro-negative element by ide and prefixing the name of the other element.

In steel-making, electric furnaces are used for two distinct purposes, first for making steel sufficiently better than Bessemer and open-hearth steels to replace these for certain important purposes, and second for replacing the very expensive crucible process for making the very best steel.

In the case of ships generally: In the case of all ships, the expense of straightening bent ironwork, including labour of taking out and replacing it, shall be allowed in full.

He snatched it from her, instinctively replacing it around his neck.

For basic linings, magnesia crystallized in the electric furnace is being extensively used, replacing dolomite to some extent (see E.

But only by the replacing of the cap was that omen accounted good.

Devon, notably near Liskeard, where fine crystals have been found, with faces of the six-faced octahedron replacing the corners of the cube.