Sentence Examples with the word repeal

In 1810, by which year the number of slaves had increased to 237, the anti-slavery party was strong enough to secure the repeal of the indenture law, which had received the unwilling acquiescence of Governor Harrison.

The most important was the repeal of the silver legislation, which had been a growing menace for fifteen years.

This latter Act he approved only as a means of escaping the free coinage of silver, and he supported its repeal in 1893.

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The statutes of Richard, except the enabling part of the second, were repealed by the Civil Procedure Acts Repeal Act 1879.

She did not attempt anything further in 1553 than the repeal of Edward VI.s legislation and the accomplishment of the Spanish marriage.

When we balance advantages and disadvantages, therefore, the repeal of the corn duty and similar measures would appear to have been sacrifices of revenue without adequate reason.

The Chartist, was agitating at the same time for the repeal of the corn laws, and was known as the Anti-Corn Law League.

In accordance with this suggestion the Commons in th following year again resolved to repeal the paper duties; but, instead of embodying their decision in a separate bill, they included it in the same measure which dealt with all the financial arrangements of the year, and thus threw oft the Lords the responsibility of either accepting the proposal, or of paralysing the whole machinery of administration by depriving the crown of the supplies which were required for the public services.

By the peace of Vienna, Bocskay obtained religious liberty and political autonomy, the restoration of all confiscated estates, the repeal of all unrighteous judgments and a complete retrospective amnesty for all the Magyars in royal Hungary, besides his own recognition as independent sovereign prince of an enlarged' Transylvania.

He was ennobled in 1637 (it is said not without regard to his son's distinction), and the honour was renewed in favour of his sons Pierre and Thomas in 1669, when a general repeal of the letters of nobility recently granted had taken place.