Sentence Examples with the word repatriation

The work of repatriation and resettlement was carried out by commissioners acting in conjunction with a central advisory committee at Pretoria.

The tragic death of the crown prince Rudolph hushed for a time the strife of tongues, and in the meantime Tisza brought into the ministry Ders6 Szilagyi, the most powerful debater in the House, and Sandor Wekerle, whose solid talents had hitherto been hidden beneath the bushel of an under-secretaryship. But in 1890, during the debates on the Kossuth Repatriation Bill, the attacks on the premier were renewed, and on the 13th of March he placed his resignation in the king's hands.

The great expenditure incurred during the war had led to much deception as to the growth of trade, while the large sums spent on repatriation and other temporary work main ceased.

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The railways and constabulary of the two colonies were (1903) placed under an inter-colonial council; active measures were taken for the repatriation of the prisoners of war and the residents in the concentration camps, and in every direction vigorous and successful efforts were made to repair the ravages of the war.

Beak's The Aftermath of War (1906) is an account of the repatriation work in the Orange River Colony.

In June 1907 the repatriation of the Chinese coolies began; it was completed in February 1910.

But these objections were overcome by regulations which made repatriation compulsory, and which definitely restricted the coolies to unskilled labour in the mines.