Sentence Examples with the word renting

You must be the young lady who is renting the Foreman place.

The boys were glad to earn 50 bucks and DeLeo was polite enough not to ask why a 74-year-old man was renting a one-way automobile.

When the weekend arrived we once again went through the turmoil of renting and car and leaving the Big Apple in weekend traffic.

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Bertha and I are a team, and she's a lot cheaper than renting one of those pricey new Jeeps.

The expenses connected with elections, such as the renting and preparing of the polling-places, the payment of the clerks and other officers who conduct the elections and count the vote, are borne by the community.

We're renting a Jeep and going up to see it tomorrow.

She's the lady who's renting the Foreman place.

Talon's renting out a country club between here and Pembroke Pines, Toni responded.

She'd known Evelyn since they were in elementary school, and she'd been renting a room from her for the past two years since graduating high school.

In 1796 he established an organization for visiting and relieving the poor, and in 1802 began to educate the poor children of Waterford, renting a school and supporting two teachers.