Sentence Examples with the word renowned

In Gujarat and the arid plains of the south-east Punjab the renowned herds almost disappeared.

The convent was suppressed by Duke Maurice in 1543, and was by him converted into a school (the Fiirsten Schule), one of the most renowned classical schools in Germany, which counts Lessing and Gellert among its former pupils.

The metal-workers of the East, especially in brass and steel, were renowned for their skill even in the time of Theophilus, the monkish writer on the subject in the 13th century.

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It was first applied to the extreme southern district, whose ancient capital was the city of Bit Yakin, the chief seat of the renowned Chaldaean rebel Merodach-baladan, who harassed the Assyrian kings Sargon and Sennacherib.

If sugar is the island's greatest crop, tobacco is her most renowned in the markets of the world.

Geyer, Vienna, 1892); Iiatim Ta'i, renowned for his open-handed generosity as well as for his poetry (ed.

The town is locally renowned for its carpets, and the district for its excellent breed of Kara-bagh horses.

Markham, in designating this prince the last of his house, states that he was dethroned by the renowned founder of the Safawi dynasty.

Michael Scot, the renowned wizard of popular tradition, earned his reputation by numerous works on astrology and alchemy.

Additional point is made by emphasizing his superiority over four renowned sages, sons of Mahol; but the allusion to these worthies (who are incorporated in a Judaean genealogy, i Chron.