Sentence Examples with the word remotely

As for Econ Scrutiny, we're doing nothing remotely illegal and have the blessing of your so-called big names.

On the outbreak of the French Revolution the king and queen were not at first hostile to the new movement; but after the fall of the French monarchy they became violently opposed to it, and in 1793 joined the first coalition against France, instituting severe persecutions against all who were remotely suspected of French sympathies.

There was dark grey and sterility in the absence of anything remotely friendly, homey, or welcoming.

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Carlyle's memory recalled the Porteous Riots of 1736, and less remotely his friendship with Adam Smith, David Hume, and John Home, the dramatist, for witnessing the performance of whose tragedy Douglas He Was Censured In 1757.

He seemed immune to most emotions remotely human.

He hadn't been attacked by anything remotely human or animal.

He growled, a sound that made his chest vibrate against hers in a way not remotely human.

A look around her bedchamber with its black, stone walls, ceiling and floor revealed nothing remotely edible.

He works from home and has a night job remotely monitoring real-time security cameras after hours at an office building.

The main difference between the penthouse and its contents and her own life: she'd never been able to afford anything remotely as expensive or nice.