Sentence Examples with the word remind

As a liturgical ornament) according to Roman custom, in order to remind him that he is a disciple of the Roman see (Jaffe, Regesta pont.

Though he did not want to remind the Rostovs of Bolkonski, Pierre could not refrain from making them happy by the news of their son's having received a decoration, so he sent that printed army order and Nicholas' letter to the Rostovs, keeping the appeal, the bulletin, and the other orders to take with him when he went to dinner.

Yet she had not seen her sketch in the Youth's Companion since she wrote it, except two passages which Miss Sullivan read to her to remind her of things she should say in this autobiography, and to show her, when her phrasing troubled her, how much better she did as a little girl.

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She continued to walk, needing to feel the cold to remind her she was still alive.

Maybe she should instruct or remind him, but the thought of it seemed so unnatural.

The mention of Christian theology may remind us that, for the majority of theists in medieval and modern times, theism proper has ranked only as a secondary wisdom.

Themistocles acted as choragus, and one of the objects of the play was to remind the Athenians of his great deeds.

A small woman in a brown robe rushed to remind him of the rules.

In depth of philosophic insight, in the method of Socratic questioning often adopted, in the earnest and elevated tone of the whole, in the evidence they afford of the most cultured thought of the day, these dialogues constantly remind the reader of the dialogues of Plato.

His grandfather had an almost subservient relationship to Tim's, but Brady had left the shadows on many occasions to remind Tim of what really mattered when the politician's ego started to get the best of him.