Sentence Examples with the word remembering

Fred, remembering historical items from an earlier mystery in which he and his stepson were involved, jumped at the offer.

Dean had trouble remembering who was who but all were of like mind in their affection for the old man who turned up the charm meter a notch or two.

Look, just tell the gathering how painful it is to have missed all those good times by not remembering this lovely woman everyone says is such a saint.

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She walked for ten minutes, carefully remembering where she went, so she was able to find her way back.

Carmen stared at him in horror, remembering the two shots she heard.

For a moment she hesitated, remembering their last discussion.

If either premise is particular, the conclusion must be particular .3 2 The following mnemonic hexameter verses are generally given (first apparently in Aldrich's Artis logicae rudimenta) to aid in remembering these moods.

She raced for the bathroom, remembering the comment Alex had made about the Midol.

Again tried to make his peace with the court in January 1792, but he was so insulted that he was not encouraged to sacrifice himself for the sake of the king and queen, who persisted in remembering all old enmities in their time of trouble.

His gaze drew distant, as if he were remembering something dark.