Sentence Examples with the word remedy

Sir Edward Coke finds in Magna Carta a full and proper legal answer to every exaction of the Stuart kings, and a remedy for every evil suffered at the time.

The obvious remedy is to make all measures on opposite sides of the fixed web before reversing in position-angle - a precaution, however, which no careful observer would neglect.

A decoction of the buds in milk or whey is a common household remedy for scurvy; and the young shoots or green cones form an essential ingredient in the spruce-beer drank with a similar object, or as an occasional beverage.

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In short, Lassalle accepted the orthodox political economy to show that the inevitable operation of its laws left no hope for the working classes, and that no remedy could be found but by abolishing the conditions in which these laws had their validity - in other words, by abolishing the present relations of labour and capital altogether.

The remedy for the evils of the time was not so much the reduction as the equalization of the imposts, which would allow the poor to consume more, raise the production and add to the general wealth.

Though he discharged his civic duties in spite of a frail physique, he emphasized the sorrows of life; and yet he advocated no hopeless resignation, but rather the remedy of work, and took as his model Heracles, the embodiment of virile activity.

No substantial measures to remedy this state of things were adopted till 1771, when an act of parliament was passed authorizing the construction of pound locks on the Thames above Maindenhead Bridge.

A number of larvae of Lepidoptera feed on the leaves - the remedy is to capture the mature insects when possible.

The only remedy is to cut off and burn the diseased branches.

The French remedy for an unsuccessful colony has always been to annex more territory, and forestall a possible rival.