Sentence Examples with the word remedial

In 1911 he became Democratic leader in the Assembly and was appointed vice-chairman of the Factory Investigating Committee which made a searching inquiry into industrial conditions in the state, resulting in remedial legislation.

That the trading operations of the Society hampered the commercial prosperity of the nation, and asked for remedial measures.

It is impossible also to dissociate pharmacology from clinical therapeutics; the former investigates the agents which are used in the treatment of disease, the latter is concerned with their remedial powers and the conditions under which they are to be used.

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The remedial measures which he favored failed; and the rising of Ket in Norfolk and others less important in nearly all the counties of England, made Somersets position impossible.

The feeble inadequacy of conception, infirmity of power, factional jealousy, disintegrating particularism, and vicious finance of the Confederation were realized by many others; but none other saw so clearly the concrete nationalistic remedies for these concrete ills, or pursued remedial ends so constantly, so ably, and so consistently.

This investigation revealed many irregularities in the management of the companies and led to the passage by the Legislature of New York and of other states of remedial legislation.

The court has appellate jurisdiction only, except for the power to issue writs of mandamus, quo warranto, certiorari, injunction and other original and remedial writs.

For its enforcement, it created an Interstate Commerce Commission of five members, with powers of investigation, and with authority to issue remedial orders upon complaint and after hearing.

It is often possible by appropriate dosage to contrive that these special parts or organs may be affected and the rest of the body left practically intact, and it is by taking advantage of these selective actions that remedial or therapeutical effects are usually obtained.

The bishop, supported by the intendant, endeavoured to suppress this trade and sent an ambassador to France to obtain remedial action.