Sentence Examples with the word remains

It is possible that these remains of Mayan pottery came into central Nicaragua as articles of commerce.

The earliest remains of Iguanodon were found by Dr G.

Its name is said to be derived from Saxon tene, a beacon or fire (probably from the number of watch-fires existing on this easily ravaged coast), and numerous remains of Saxon occupation have been found, as at Osengal near Ramsgate.

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Upon these rest patches of freshwater deposits containing numerous remains of plants.

The Cretaceous beds are not extensive, but the Wealden deposits of Bernissart, with their numerous remains of Iguanodon, and the chalk of the district about the Dutch frontier near Maastricht, with its very late Cretaceous fauna, are of special interest.

Later when the ice retreated farther and the unloaded streams returned to their earlier degrading habit, they more or less completely scoured out the valley deposits, the remains of which are now seen in terraces on either side of the present flood plains.

But in the Bryophytes the spore gonium never becomes a sporophyte producing leaves and roots, and always remains dependent upon the gametophyte for its water and mineral food, and the facts give us no warrant for asserting homology (i.e.

Even in Protestant England, where purely secular training schools have reached their highest development, the generic title of Sister, alike prized by its holders and honoured by the public, remains the popular and professional synonym for head nurse, and perpetuates the old association.

The line of the city walls can be distinctly traced for most of the circuit, but the actual remains of them are inconsiderable.

These oscillations of opinion arP frequent, if not universal, and it is only after more than one or two swings that the pendulum remains at the perpendicular.