Sentence Examples with the word remaining

Reduction to hexamethylene compounds necessitates the disruption of three of the edges of the octahedron, the diagonal linkings remaining intact, or, in the plane projection, three peripheral linkages, the hexamethylene ring assuming the form (III); In 1888 J.

The remaining aldohexoses discovered by Fischer are derived from d-galactose from milk-sugar.

The remaining seven books contain expositions of the seven liberal arts, which then comprehended all human knowledge.

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Soc., April 1894.) At this stage it became clear that the complication depended upon some hitherto unknown body, and probability inclined to the existence of a gas in the atmosphere heavier than nitrogen, and remaining unacted upon during the removal of the oxygen - a conclusion afterwards fully established by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay.

The fault of the government lay, not in taking vigorous measures for the suppression of these disorders, but in remaining obstinately blind to the true causes that had produced them.

The few remaining bison are on a ranch near Goodnight, in Armstrong county, where they have been crossed with polled Angus cattle.

He gripped her arm, spun her until her back was to the remaining demon and pushed aside her hair.

He then descended down using the remaining good section intending to fake a fall or otherwise call attention to what supposedly happened.

Now, however, the use of his remaining eye had been reduced to an hour a day, divided into portions at wide intervals, and he was driven to the conclusion that whatever plans he made must be formed on the same calculations as those of a blind man.

Waiting to see what Darkyn intends by sending his remaining warriors to the human village.