Sentence Examples with the word reliquiae

Brightman, Eastern Liturgies; Cabrol and Leclercq, Monumenta liturgics, reliquiae liturgicae vetustissimae (Paris, 1900); Harnack, History of Dogma; Jas.

Moreover, the co-existence of man with a fauna now extinct or confined to other districts was brought to yet clearer demonstration by the discovery in these caves of certain drawings and carvings of the animals done by the ancient inhabitants themselves, such as a group of reindeer on a piece of reindeer horn, and a sketch of a mammoth, showing the elephant's long hair, on a piece of a mammoth's tusk from La Madeleine (Lartet and Christy, Reliquiae Aquitanicae, ed.

Naevi Fabularum Reliquiae (1885), and (Bellum Punicum) in his edition of Ennius (1884) monographs by E.

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Naevi Fabularum Reliquiae (1885); also J.

The important discoveries in the Madeleine cave and elsewhere were published by Lartet and Christy under the title Reliquiae Aquitanicae, the first part appearing in 1865.

His principal works are Historia Pelagiana sive Historiae de controversies quas Pelagius ejusque reliquiae moverunt (1618); Aristarchus, sive de arte grammatica (1635 and 1695; new ed.

Bake, Posidonii Rhodii reliquiae (Leiden, 1810), a valuable monograph; R.

Fragments of his poems have been collected by Wilke, De graecorum syllis (Warsaw, 1820), Paul, Dissertatio de syllis (Berlin, 1821), and Wachsmuth, Sillographorum graec. reliquiae (Leipzig, 1885).