Sentence Examples with the word religious order

RECHABITES, or Sons Of Rechab, a sort of religious order among the Israelites in some respects analogous to the Nazarites, with whom they shared the rule of abstinence from wine.

In the 12th century this discipline became universal among them; and sa arose the order of Augustinian canons as a religious order in the strict sense of the word.

Every clerk in orders and every member of a religious order must publicly join in or privately read aloud (i.e.

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Of this institution Gerard became guardian or provost at a date not later than 110o; and here he organized that religious order of St John which received papal recognition from Paschal II.

CELESTINES, a religious order founded about 1260 by Peter of Morrone, afterwards Pope Celestine V.

The name of Feuillants was popularly given to this group of men, because they met in the fine buildings which had been occupied by the religious order bearing this name, in the rue Saint-Honore, near the Place Vendome, in Paris.

That religious order having been suppressed at the time of the French Revolution, King Charles Albert decreed in 1840 that the Carthusian church of Collegno should be the chapel of the order.

AUGUSTINIAN CANONS, a religious order in the Roman Catholic Church, called also Austin Canons, Canons Regular, and in England Black Canons, because their cassock and mantle were black, though they wore a white surplice: elsewhere the colour of the habit varied considerably.

AUGUSTINIAN HERMITS, or Friars, a religious order in the Roman Catholic Church, sometimes called (but improperly) Black Friars (see Friars).