Sentence Examples with the word reliable

In June 1578 he was sent with Lord Cobham to the Netherlands, mainly to glean reliable information on the complicated situation.

The results of more than twenty years' labour were set forth in his Hexapla and Tetrapla, in which he placed the Hebrew text side by side with the various Greek versions, examined their mutual relations in detail, and tried to find the basis for a more reliable text of the LXX.

Additionally, trust indicators such as eBay's and Amazon's feedback systems direct more business to reliable suppliers, thus increasing trade.

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Lawns may be benefited by a good dressing, in addition to the manure, of some reliable commercial fertilizer.

It is, however, not possible to make reliable deductions from these figures taken by themselves.

These presses were not at first reliable in working, especially in the cutting and delivery of the sheets after printing, but were finally so far improved that the Bullock press came into quite general use.

A third way to predict the future that I believe is reliable rejects both the slavish following of the straight line and the purely speculative approach.

Be- sides, it is a priori unlikely that a contemporary of Mahomet should have drawn up such a list; and if any one had made the attempt he would have found it almost impossible to obtain reliable information as to the order of the earlier Meccan suras.

Both armies were very indifferently supplied with information, as both were without any reliable regular cavalry capable of piercing the screen of outposts with which each endeavoured to conceal his disposition, and Napoleon, operating in a most unfriendly country, suffered more in this respect than his adversaries.

But as to the date and circumstances of its evangelization we have little reliable information.