Sentence Examples with the word relevant

Here also it is important to distinguish what is relevant from what is irrelevant in the line of criticism represented by these writers.

The course curriculum has always offered contemporary, vocational subjects relevant to the needs of the Gaidhealtachd and the wider Gaelic community.

It was made at the discretion of the relevant chair.

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With the aid of this general theory the methods we have sketched in relation to historical problems apply with greater Applica- force to the special problems of modern times, and are tion to rewarded with results more accurate, more fruitful, modern more relevant to difficulties which all civilized nations problems. have to face, than those of historical research.

Des Antiquaires de France for 1902 (published 1904), p. 206 f., which gives a conspectus of the relevant literature.

The critical examination of the nature and growth of this compilation has removed much that had formerly caused insuperable difficulties and had quite unnecessarily been made an integral or a relevant part of practical religion.

As a maxim for guidance in public affairs, laisser faire was genuinely relevant at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, when the Statute Book was cumbered with vexatious and obsolete laws.

Gairdner, Prefaces to the relevant volumes of Calendars of State Papers of Henry VIII.).

The relevant separate articles in these two great dictionaries, Protestant and Catholic respectively, will supply adequate information and ample references on most points.

By art, I am referring to creative expressions that are still relevant to future generations, something people still will consume in fifty or one hundred years.