Sentence Examples with the word releasing

He reversed the unfortunate ecclesiastical policy of his father, allowing a wide liberty of dissent, and releasing the imprisoned archbishop of Cologne; he modified the strictness of the press censorship; above all he undertook, in the presence of the deputations of the provincial diets assembled to greet him on his accession, to carry out the long-deferred project of creating a central constitution, which he admitted to be required alike by the royal promises, the needs of the country and the temper of the times.

Struggling into his shirt, Charles tried to yank away, but Darian Traveled to his cabin before releasing him.

She opened the refrigerator door for him, releasing her breath in a measured dose.

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And he even projects that if farmers followed his plan, it is quite conceivable that in 2050 there will be nine billion people feeding more comfortably than today off a smaller acreage of cropland, releasing large tracts of land for nature reserves.

He'd granted favors to women as a way of releasing his frustration, but never with any real affection-- just physical need.

The flogging was only just over, and the executioner was releasing from the flogging bench a stout man with red whiskers, in blue stockings and a green jacket, who was moaning piteously.

Without releasing her neck, Kin spun her and locked the arm around her body again.

Further, the age releasing from service was raised from 40 to 43 years and the militia (landsturm) was reorganized.

By releasing his or her right of dower or courtesy together with the homestead right, if any, the surviving widower or widow is also entitled, in fee, to one-half the real estate, if said deceased leaves no issue surviving; if the husband leaves issue by the widow surviving, she is entitled in fee to one-third of his real estate; if the wife leaves issue by him surviving, the husband also is entitled in fee to one-third of her estate; but if the wife leaves issue not by him, he is entitled only to a life interest in one-third of her real estate.

Unusually dissatisfied at the idea of releasing a potentially fun prey into the wild, Xander remained a moment longer.