Sentence Examples with the word release

Hurricanes release unimaginable amounts of power, as do earthquakes.

The release was years earlier than previously rumored.

Now, here with her, he had finally felt comfortable enough to release his emotions.

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He remained in prison until August 1704, and then owed his release to the intercession of Robert Harley, who represented his case to the queen, and obtained for him not only liberty but pecuniary relief and employment, which, of one kind or another, lasted until the termination of Anne's reign.

But the pain was immediately followed by a feeling of release from the oppressive constraint that had prevented her taking part in life.

The chief objection to enforced labour has been the difficulty in ensuring this; but the convict nowadays eagerly tries his best, because only thus can he win privileges while in prison and an earlier release from it.

The sudden release of the pressure built up over a lifetime made her too weak to stand.

On his release a year later, as he was interdicted from teaching, literature became his only resource.

Alex continued to improve and Thursday the doctor told him they would release him the next morning.

The nearest that I came to actual possession was when I bought the Hollowell place, and had begun to sort my seeds, and collected materials with which to make a wheelbarrow to carry it on or off with; but before the owner gave me a deed of it, his wife--every man has such a wife--changed her mind and wished to keep it, and he offered me ten dollars to release him.