Sentence Examples with the word relative humidity

In the monsoon region relative humidity is high, viz.

The mean relative humidity is between 75 and 80 for all seasons save spring, when it is least and may be from 65 upward.

A record of 6 months (1891) showed an average daily relative humidity of 30 6 in the morning and 15.6 in the evening, and the humidity sometimes falls to 5.

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The relative humidity varies greatly.

The high temperature and great relative humidity make the summer climate of the Red Sea one of the most disagreeable in the world.

The relative humidity of the air along the shores of the Gulf is high, so that exposure to the direct and reflected rays of the sun and radiation from the hot soil are encountered in a moist atmosphere.

In lowness of humidity (mean annual relative humidity at Yuma about 39, at Phoenix 36.7, at Tucson 37.8) and clarity of atmosphere, southern Arizona rivals Upper Egypt and other famous arid health resorts.

Only a fourth to a half of the days of the different months are wholly or partly clear even in the north, and in the same district the monthly means of relative humidity vary from 65 to 70.