Sentence Examples with the word related to

I figured his number related to settings on his equipment.

He reconciled free-will and necessity by representing the divine decree not as temporarily antecedent, but as immediately related to the action of the created will.

This prelate was related to the English king, Edward II., and after a life spent in strife and ostentation, he died on the 24th of September 1333.

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In many respects the flora of the highest of these three divisions (the Panchet group) is more nearly related to that of the Upper Gondwanas than it is to the other Lower Gondwana floras.

Although described in 1889 as a local variety of the Siberian species, the Manchurian roe really appears, both as regards stature, hairiness and the black and white markings on the muzzle, much more nearly related to the European animal.

This report cites another example which is perhaps more closely related to our discussion.

It is closely related to the Manioc, cassava or tapioca plant (Manihot utilissima) which it resembles when young and exhibits a similar tuberous root system.

Closely related to the flame-colorations, we have to notice the great services rendered by the spectroscope to the detection of elements.

It is almost restricted to the fells of Westmorland, and is probably nearly related to the Scotch Black-face.