Sentence Examples with the word reinforce

But hardly had the Young and Middle Guard marched off to reinforce Vandamme and Gerard, when Vandamme sent word that a hostile column, over 30,000 strong, was threatening the French left (in reality this was D'Erlon's corps).

Marsin dared not reinforce Tallard to any extent, and the duke was preparing for the grand attack.

At first the Junta would take no active part in the war, retaining the corps of volunteers that was formed for the defence of the island; but finding it quite secure, they transferred a succession of them to the Peninsula to reinforce the allies.

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Two parts must not move in consecutive octaves or fifths, because by so doing they unaccountably reinforce each other by an amount by which they impoverish the rest of the harmony.

I know you made the fence tall enough that a goat couldn't jump it, but I see some places where we need to reinforce it.

Prince Bagration ordered two battalions from the center to be sent to reinforce the right flank.

The radiations interfere in an optical sense of the word, and in some directions reinforce each other and in other directions neutralize each other, so making the resultant radiation greater in some directions than others.

When man has advanced so far as to be sensitive to the opinions of his fellow-men, their approbation and disapprobation reinforce the influence of natural selection.

It was to reinforce this element of the church's activity, as well as to strengthen her generally, that James Baird (1802-1876) in 1873 made the munificent gift of f soo,000.

On the throne, alienated the empress from Austria for a time; and Bestuzhev's ruin was regarded as certain when, in 1743, the French agent, the marquis de La Chetardie, arrived to reinforce his other enemies.