Sentence Examples with the word register

The baptismal register of Ajaccio leaves no doubt as to the date of his birth as given above.

No longer able to register the world around her, she walked numbly towards the first trail she saw.

It keeps a register of British firms who may desire to receive confidential information relative to their respective trades and supplies that information free of charge.

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It took a long moment for her to register Mike hadn't spoken them, and the familiar voice came from the implant in her ear.

The pressure differences on which the action depends are very small, and special means are required to register them, but in the ordinary form of recording anemometer (fig.

She just checked in, used one name to register and another name on the credit charge for the room.

He also edited the Cottage Calendar, the Horticultural Register and the Botanical Magazine.

Robinson's Register of Merchant Taylors' School, ii.

Book and engine room register are not compulsory, but are usually kept.

Further, the council may refuse to register a keeper unless they are satisfied of his character and of his fitness for the position.