Sentence Examples with the word regional

And given that regional conflicts tend to escalate and expand, as long as those conflicts exist, the very real threat of an unthinkable world war remains.

It is, then, only in a limited sense that we can see a local canon law in the councils of the various regional 1 Omnium concilii Vaticani.

Jeffrey Byrne was employed in a regional marketing position by The World Wide Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

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Defence is entrusted to a corps of colonial troops, partly Italian and partly native; to a militia (milizia mobile) formed by natives who have already served in the colonial corps; and to the chitet or general levy which, in time of war, places all male able-bodied inhabitants under arms. The regional commissioners and political residents have at their disposal some hundreds of irregular paid soldiers under native chiefs.

The security offered by this treaty was further guaranteed by the formation of a regional league of the Baltic states against external aggression.

It became clear that only very rough estimates of the numbers of planktonic organisms in a volume of sea-water as large as (say) 10 cubic metres could be made, but that these estimates could nevertheless be trusted to show very marked regional and seasonal differences.

The peneplain is no longer in the cycle of erosion that witnessed its production; it appears to have suffered a regional elevation, for the riversthe upper Missouri and its branchesno longer flow on the surface of the plain, but in well graded, maturely opened valleys, several hundred feet below the general level.

A few Naturals were found every year, and he didn't bother to remember their names in an organization his size, leaving that level of detail to his most trusted men, the two regional commanders, and dozens of sector commanders worldwide.

It met all our criteria; a stable employment, reasonably priced homes, a state college and a regional hospital.

Local and regional peculiarities, however, disappear almost wholly in the 5th and 4th centuries, under the overpowering influence of Athens.