Sentence Examples with the word region

The site of Berkeley was a farming region until its selection for the home of the university.

The whole region is underlain by nearly horizontal and undisturbed rocks of the Palaeozoic from the Devonian downward.

In exceptional cases they are either confined to the branchial region or excluded from it.

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Eventually Mexico and New Mexico came to designate the still vaster region of Spanish North America, which (till cut down by changes which have limited the modern republic of Mexico) reached as far as the Isthmus of Panama on the south and took in California and Texas on the north.

The auriferous region is stated to be about 25 sq.

The sandy zone along the coast is nearly barren, but behind this is a more elevated region with broken surfaces and sandy soil which is amenable to cultivation and produces fruit and most tropical products when conditions are favourable.

The town lies on high ground near the Santee river, in a region abounding in swamps, limestone cliffs and pine forests.

The other large Bolivian tributaries of the Mamore, all rising on the north-east flanks of the Andes, are the Chapare, Secure, Manique or Apere and Yacuma, the last draining a region of lakes and swamps north of the Sierra Chamaya.

The pursuit had brought Alexander into that region of mountains to the south of the Caspian which connects western Iran with the provinces to the east of the great central desert.

In the north-west, and is generally much less rugged than the Alleghany Plateau; a peculiar feature of the southern portion of it is the numerous circular depressions (sink holes) in the surface and the cavernous region beneath.