Sentence Examples with the word regain

Several unsuccessful attempts were made to regain the town, but finally, in September 1692, Diego de Vargas quietly secured the fresh submission of the Indians.

In 1710 a French expedition of five vessels and about loon men under Duclerc attempted to regain possession, but was defeated; its commander was captured and later assassinated.

Catherine, thinking her influence menaced, sought to regain it, first by the murder of Coligny, and, when that had failed, by the massacre of St Bartholomew (q.v.).

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She tried to regain her composure, unable to compare the brief experience with Jule to anything else she'd ever felt.

Repenting of this step, he subsequently attempted to regain Turin, but was imprisoned in.

The air inside is compressed in consequence and during an upstroke of the piston this air tends to regain its original volume and so expels the water, thus bringing about a continuous supply.

Da Gama was taken prisoner and killed, but his followers enabled the Christians of Abyssinia to regain their power, and a Jesuit mission remained in the country.

His wife's ambitions induced him to try to regain the crown, but his son had him arrested, and he died in prison in 1732 (see Victor Amadeus Ii.).

His territories were then divided between his sons and his condottieri, and Florence, ever keeping her eye on Pisa, now ruled by Gabriele Maria Visconti, made an alliance with Pope Boniface IX., who wished to regain Perugia and Bologna.

On all sides his enemies rose up against him; in Romagna the deposed princes prepared to regain their own, and the Orsinis raised their heads once more in Rome.