Sentence Examples with the word refuge

After the defeat Dingaan set fire to the royal kraal (Umgungindhlovu) and for a time took refuge in the bush; on the Boers recrossing the Tugela he established himself at Ulundi at a little distance from his former capital.

The adventuress, having taken refuge abroad, published Memoires in which she accused the queen.

During this period Agamemnon and Menelaus took refuge with Tyndareus, king of Sparta, whose daughters Clytaemnestra (more correctly Clytaemestra) and.

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As the grandson of St Ladislaus, Manuel had Hungarian blood in his veins; his court was the ready and constant refuge of the numerous Magyar malcontents, and he aimed not so much at the conquest as at the suzerainty of Hungary, by placing one of his Magyar kinsmen on the throne of St Stephen.

The western or Victoria harbour is a refuge for vessels between Leith Roads and the Tyne.

Almost all the skeletons and remains of bodies found in the city were discovered in similar situations, in cellars or underground apartments - those who had sought refuge in flight having apparently for the most part escaped from destruction, or having perished under circumstances where their bodies were easily recovered by the survivors.

The ence of the Church thus escaped the unpopularity of this decadent empire, and during the 5th century she provided a refuge for all those who, wishing to preserve the Roman unity, were terrified by the blackness of the horizon.

In 1816 he left Guiana and took refuge in Port-au-Prince (Haiti), where he died of dysentery.

Four hundred Spaniards were massacred, and the remainder took refuge in Santa Fe, where they were closely besieged.

He sought refuge from inferior society often in nonsense, occasionally in obscenity.