Sentence Examples with the word reflected

She was in her mid-teens with a silver A charm on her necklace that reflected the yellow street light.

Leprosy is common, especially in the inland towns; while ophthalmia is prevalent in the north, especially among the poorer classes, who are compelled to expose themselves to the blinding dust from the deserts and the excessive glare of the sun reflected from the burning sand.

Malthus has in more modern times derived a certain degree of reflected lustre from the rise and wide acceptance of the Dar, winian hypothesis.

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He wished the institutions of the present to approximate more closely to those of the past, and devised for the new French constitution a body of reforms which reflected the opinions he had formed upon the democracy at Rome and in ancient France.

The great schism was reflected in the Mendicant orders which were divided into two obediences, to the destruction of discipline.

Hexapoda and Arachnida); the penultimate joint with a process equal in length to the last joint, so as to form a nipping organ (chelae of Crustaceans and Arachnids); the last joint reflected and movable on the penultimate, as the blade of a clasp-knife on its handle (the retrovert, After Lankester, Q.

The test is really a ciliated velum developed in the normal position at the apical pole but reflected backwards in such a way as to cover the original ectoderm except at the posterior end.

Shell inrolled, solid, polished, aperture very narrow in adult; short siphon; anus posterior; osphradium with three lobes; mantle reflected over shell.

M, Mantle-flap reflected over the 0, Posterior cephalic tentacles.

Shone but with a reflected lightin his private life eflected from his old mistress, Diane de Poitiers, and in his political action reflected from the views of Mont morency or the Guises.