Sentence Examples with the word reference

For details respecting the special characters and modes of occurrence of most of these species reference may be made to the respective headings: others not so treated are briefly mentioned below.

She published An Essay on Slavery and Abolition with Reference to the Duty of American Females (1837), A Treatise on Domestic Economy (1842), The True Remedy for the Wrongs of Women (1851), Letters to the People on Health and Happiness (1855), The Religious Training of Children (1864), and Woman's Profession as Mother and Educator (1871).

For details of the ceremonial observed in the Roman Catholic Church during this week, reference must be made to the Missal and Breviary.

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There was nothing in the letter that Yancey didn't already know except the reference to a question.

The reference seems to be not so much to the variety and complexity of phenomena as to the impossibility of construing them rationally or in such a way that man may foresee and provide for his future.

The results of these observations are entered in a compass journal for future reference when fog or darkness prevails.

The name is perhaps of Celtic origin, but the Romans took it as connected with albus, white, in reference to the chalk-cliffs of Dover, and A.

It comprises the provinces of Teramo (population in 1901, 307,444), Aquila (396,629), Chieti (370,907) and Campobasso (366,571), which, under the kingdom of Naples, respectively bore the names Abruzzo Ulteriore I., Abruzzo Ulteriore II., Abruzzo Citeriore (the reference being to their distance from the capital) and Molise.

The search of a detailed West Virginia map and the internet yielded no reference whatsoever to Alder's Bridge, West Virginia.

The reference here must be to the numerous non-Jewish kings of the Greek period, and perhaps also to the Maccabean princes; the manners of the time are set forth in Josephus's account of Ptolemy's dinner, at which the Jew Hyrcanus was a guest (Ant.