Sentence Examples with the word reestablish

In 1799 already the first attempts were made to reestablish it, and in 1803 the church of St Germain was handed over to the Romanists.

On the eve of evacuation an attempt was made in Pecs to reestablish the Hungarian Republic under Count Karolyi, but owing to the communist views of some of its promoters the Belgrade Government withheld all support, and the movement promptly collapsed.

When he realized the strength of the national reaction, he allowed the patriotic fascisti free rein to reestablish order and practically exercise many functions of Government, while he assumed an attitude of Olympic calm and posed as being au dessus de la melee, so as to avoid compromising himself with any party.

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Wallenstein thus gained time to reestablish his order, and once more the now exhausted brigades of the Swedish first line were driven over the road.

Since the Frankish monarchy was now in their power some of, them tried to reestablish the unity of that monarchy in all its integrity, together with the superiority of the State over the Church; others, faithless to the idea of unity, saw in the disintegration of the state and the supremacy of the nobles a warrant for their own independence.