Sentence Examples with the word redwood

The mountains are covered with one of the noblest redwood forests of the state - the only one south of San Francisco; two groves, the Sempervirens Park (4000 acres) and the Fremont Grove of Big Trees, 5 m.

While the wooden buildings were little damaged by the shocks, the comparative non-inflammability of redwood proved no safeguard and fire swept the affected area irresistibly.

The mammoth redwood tree of California,Sequoia (Wellingtonia) gigantea, which represents the tallest Gymnosperm, is a good example of the regular tapering main stem and narrow pyramidal form.

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The redwood grows only in a narrow strip on the Coast Range from Southern Oregon (where there are not more than loco acres) down nearly to the Golden Gate, in a habitat of heavy rains and heavy fogs.

The process patented by Dewar and Redwood in 1889 consists in the use of a suitable still and condenser in free communication with each other - i.e.

In 1890 the state board of forestry estimated that the redwood forests were in danger of exhaustion by 1930.

Peirce, Studies on the Coast Redwood (publication of Leland Stanford jr. University, 1901).

Among the large trees which are valued for their timber are redwood (Humiria balsamifera), Brazil-wood, algarrobo, palo de cruz (Jacquinea ruscifolia), guaiacum or holy wood, rosewood, cedar and walnut.

The western slope of the Sierra Nevada hears fine forests similar to those of the Cascade Range and of the Coast Range, but of more open growth, and with the redwood exchanged for groves of big trees (Sequoia gigantea) of which the tallest examples reach 325 ft.

For the testing of the viscosity of lubricating oils the Boverton Redwood standardized viscometer is generally employed in Great Britain.