Sentence Examples with the word redistributed

While this wealth will flow naturally to those who already have wealth, the unequivocal lesson of history is that some amount also will be redistributed to the poor.

Serbia, submitting rather than agreeing, redistributed her forces, and the strategic deployment and order of battle actually carried out was as follows: - Commander-in-chief, King Peter Chief of the general staff, Gen.

Both facts are largely due to the opening (1882) of the St Gotthard railway, as merchandise collected from every part of north and central Europe is stored in Basel previous to being redistributed by means of that line.

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At the Birmingham election in 1885 he stood for the central division of the redistributed constituency; he was opposed by Lord Randolph Churchill, but was elected by a large majority.

This fund is raised by the rate of the pound on the assessable value of the county of London, and redistributed among the boroughs in proportion to their population.

In order to minimize the results of such inaccuracy, the return of ages is compiled in aggregates of five or ten years and then redistributed over single years by the method of differences.