Sentence Examples with the word redhead

Right in the middle stood a cute little redhead about to make her shot.

The redhead tossed her hat in the ring.

He glanced back at the redhead briefly and thought, she'll keep.

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Sam was a tall redhead with large blue eyes and a sprinkle of freckles over an upturned nose.

The last thing Denton needed was a fiery redhead with a tendency to speak her mind.

Dean thought about Lydia Larkin, the new redhead in town.

A burly redhead who towered over her, his face was flushed from the heat of the warm pub.

He harbored visions of the injured redhead out in the hinterland digging a grave for her recently murdered victim.

When she reached the drawing room, he was laying the redhead on the sofa.

Damian glanced at the redhead and touched her arm in affectionate greeting.