Sentence Examples with the word redemption

Christianity, with its one God, and its promise of redemption and a blessed immortality based upon divine revelation, met as no other contemporary faith did the awakening religious needs.

The possibility of redemption depends upon the bestowal of Divine Grace, which, because it is in no instance deserved, can be awarded or withdrawn without injustice.

If a holder would sell, the family had the right of redemption and there seems to have been no time-limit to its exercise.

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The oppressed clergy and peasantry regarded Valdemar as their natural deliverer; but so poor and friendless was he that the work of redemption proved painfully slow.

Religious orders - the Redemptionists and Lazarites - were engaged in working for the redemption of captives and large legacies were left for that purpose in many countries.

Moreover, the redemption of the railways by the statecontracts for which had been signed by Sella in 1875 on behalf of the Minghetti cabinet with Rothschild at Basel and with the Austrian government at Viennahad been fiercely opposed by the Left, although its members were for the most part convinced of the utility of the operation.

Such vicissitudes were the ordinary lot of the Jews for several centuries, and it was their own inner life - the pure life of the home, the idealism of the synagogue, and the belief in ultimate Messianic redemption - that saved them from utter demoralization and despair.

In 1903 Congress adopted a gold dollar of 1.672 grammes weight .900 fine (equal to the U.S. gold dollar) as the monetary standard created a redemption bureau for the withdrawal of the paper circulation, prohibited the further issue of such currency, and authorized free contracts in any currency.

Up to 1906 the Caixa da Amortisacdo (redemption bureau), which has charge of the service of the internal funded debt, superintended the redemption of the currency, but in that year (December 6, 1906) a Caixa de Conyers-do (conversion bureau) was created for this special service.

The church also encouraged the emancipation of individual slaves and the redemption of captives.