Sentence Examples with the word red-brown

The Carboniferous Limestone beneath it and around it is red-brown instead of grey, and is famous for its richness in fish remains.

It is a red-brown crystalline powder, which is soluble in water.

Their skins vary in colour from a dark red-brown to a deep black; but their features are regular and free of negro characteristics.

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Small red-brown spots appear on the bolls, gradually enlarge, and develop into irregular black and grey patches.

A fault divides the latter from the mass of red-brown Old Red Sandstone that spreads south nearly to Enniskillen.

It gives a characteristic red-brown reaction with iodine solution.

In diameter at the base, and gnarled twisted boughs, densely clothed at the extremities with glaucous green foliage, which contrasts strongly with the fiery red-brown bark.

Arsenic phosphide, AsP, results when phosphine is passed into arsenic trichloride, being precipitated as a red-brown powder.

The plain extending from Urfa to a dozen miles below Harran has a rich red-brown humus derived from the Nimrud Dagh east of Edessa.

It is probably a hydroxy-compound, since it gives a red-brown colour with ferric chloride, reacts with phenyl isocyanate and with phosphorus pentachloride, and with benzoyl chloride yields dibenzhydroxamic acid, C 6 H 5 CO NH O.