Sentence Examples with the word red wine

The beneficial effects of red wine can be extended to sherry wines.

Chinon has trade in wheat, brandy, red wine and plums. Basket and rope manufacture, tanning and cooperage are among its industries.

He crossed to the wet bar for two glasses, one with red wine and the other with whiskey.

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What appeared to be red wine was squeezed out of the bath mat at the weight of her step.

The new red wine is eliciting mixed reactions from wine experts.

It is the chief town of an undulating plain, La Serena, locally celebrated for red wine and melons.

It has a lithium spring, baths and a Kurhaus, and is famed for its red wine (Assmannshduser), which resembles light Burgundy.

Wheat, maize, wine (especially the red wine which takes the name of Chianti from the district S.S.W.