Sentence Examples with the word red deer

The moose and red deer are found in the wooded regions, and the jumping deer and antelope on the prairies.

Red deer (Cervus elaphus barbarus), which differ from the typical European species only in the fact that the second tine is absent from their antlers, a peculiarity which they share with the red deer of Spain and Corsica, are still found in the forest of Beni Saleh in the department of Constantine, but are being exterminated by forest fires and poaching Arabs.

Jura derived its name from the red deer which once abounded on it.

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Many small streams unite to form the Red Deer river, which flowing south-eastward joins the South Saskatchewan near W.

The red deer is peculiar to the Highlands, but the fallow deer is not uncommon in the hill country of the south-western Lowlands.

B, Red deer (Cervus elaphus), R, Radius.

The forests abounded in game, the red deer and wild boar were common, whilst wolves ravaged the flocks.

Pigs and a hardy breed of ponies find a good living in the forest; and in spite of an act in 1851 providing for their extermination or removal, a few red deer still survive.

Large tracts are still uncultivated; and the wild red deer and native Exmoor pony are characteristic of the district.

The red deer (Cervus elaphus) is now widely distributed as a wild animal over New Zealand, where also the fallow-deer (C. dama) and the Indian sambar (C. aristotelis or unicolor) have been introduced locally.