Sentence Examples with the word recurring

The most ancient form these exercises took is recorded in the often recurring paragraphs translated in Rhys Davids' Dialogues of the Buddha (i.

Female; the distinction between its permanent objects, and its occasional or recurring operations; the recognition that behind sudden manifestations of power, like the thunder-storm, there are steady forces and continuous cosmic agencies at work - lead to the gradual rise of the higher deities.

The increasing warmth of each recurring spring finds the bee awake, and full of eagerness to be up and doing; its sole mission being apparently to accomplish as much work as possible while life lasts.

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Another side is the recurring exhibition of the fact that these witnesses were persecuted only by those whose action should create no bias against the persecuted.

Further, the royal apotheosis, so common among them and recurring under the Sassanids, is probably not so much of Greek origin as a development of Iranian views.

Barnes, Chron., p. 104), it is surely difficult, on historical grounds, to reconcile David's recurring fights with the Philistines with his subsequent escape from Saul to Achish of Gath (xxvii.; already anticipated in xxi.

In the front row patches of the white arabis, the yellow alyssum, white, yellow, blue, or purple violas, and the purple aubrietia, recurring at intervals of 5 or 6 yards on a border of considerable length, carry the eye forwards and give a balanced kind of finish to the whole.

Of this we have recurring examples in pre-exilian Hebrew history.

They are enveloped in a cloud of religious sanctions, and serve to mark out by their recurring periods the annual round of common life.

They held it for over two hundred years, to their own inestimable advantage in every recurring war.