Sentence Examples with the word rectangular

Forces applied to Mechanism Classed.If 0 be the obliquity of a force F applied to a piece of a machinethat is, the angle made by the direction of the force with the direction of motion of its point of applicationthen by the principles of statics, F may be resolved into two rectangular components, viz.

This is a rectangular structure with only one entrance which gives access, first, to a small cloistered court (x.

Tomb of rectangular plan with converging walls closed at the top by a single course of stones.

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South of the town of Pantelleria, where there are considerable remains of walls in rectangular blocks of masonry, and also of a number of cisterns.

We know nothing further about the Greek system, but in the Roman adjustment the water was led from this series of cisterns into a large rectangular basin which formed the centre of a quadrangle 50 ft.

Between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in nearly rectangular form for about 280 m., with about the same extreme width in longitude.

It is rectangular in plan, and portions of its walls, partly in fine polygonal work and partly in opus incertum, are preserved.

The main artery is the Gothersgade, running from Kongens Nytor y to the western boulevards, and separating a district of regular thoroughfares and rectangular blocks to the north from one of irregular, narrow and picturesque streets to the south.

The garment (which resembles the Doric irbirXos, but seems to have been rectangular rather than square) is folded over at the top, and the central part is drawn up towards the right shoulder to produce an elaborate system of zigzag folds (Greek Art, fig.

It appears from (24) that through any assigned point 0 three rectangular axes can be drawn such that the product of inertia with respect to each pair of co-ordinate planes vanishes; these are called the principal axes of inertia at 0.