Sentence Examples with the word recorder

In the same way the arrangements finally elaborated by Lodge and Muirhead consisted of a direct coupled antenna and nearly closed condenser circuit, and a similar receiving circuit containing as a detector the steel wheel revolving on oily mercury which actuated a siphon recorder writing signals on paper tape.

In desperation, I turned on the tape recorder which had run to its end.

A new charter adopted in 1914 reduced the elective officers to mayor, comptroller, president and board of aldermen, collector, treasurer, recorder of deeds, sheriff and coroner, with terms of four years.

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The great reduction in friction and in electrical resistance of the contact thus effected between the recurved end of the arm and the rotating surface secures the transmission of signals at such a high rate of speed that the combination of this relay with a special form of curb sender allows of the re-transmission of signals into a second cable at a speed not less than that of the siphon recorder worked in the usual way.

This was confirmed in 1641, when it was also provided that the mayor and recorder should be ipso facto justices of the peace.

In 1803 he was knighted, and received the post of recorder at Bombay.

Only Quinn's notes, a few articles of discarded clothing and the recorder remained.

Indicator, suitably supported, a to-and-fro motion was recorder given by the electromagnetic actions due to the electric currents constituting the signals.

He stowed his recorder and descended to street level in an elevator packed tightly with exiting employees.

As the direction and intensity of this induced current are a function of the position of the second coil in its field, and as this position is determined by its mechanical connexion with the recorder coil, it is evident that, by a suitable choice of the electrical elements of the second coil and its alternating field, the indications on the siphon recorder can be magnified to any reasonable extent.