Sentence Examples with the word reconstruction period

The climax of the Reconstruction period was the socalled Baxter-Brooks war.

Harrell's The Brooks and Baxter War: A History of the Reconstruction Period in Arkansas (St Louis, Missouri, 1893), which is frankly in favour of Baxter; also a paper by B.

After the reconstruction period of the 1893 panic, however, the tendency for a number of years was to spend larger sums in bettering existing railways rather than in new extensions.

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The tempestuous politics of the war and reconstruction period suited his aggressive nature and constructive talent.

The decisive year of the Reconstruction Period was 1876.

The bonded debt was incurred during the Reconstruction Period (1865-1875).

The public school system, established in 1846, never was universal, because of special legislation for various counties; public education was retarded during the Civil War and the Reconstruction period (when immense sums appropriated for schools were grossly mismanaged), but conditions gradually improved after 1875, especially through the concentration of schools.

During the Reconstruction period he favoured the congressional plan rather than that of President Johnson, and on this account resigned the district-attorneyship. In 1867-1868 he was a member of the Massachusetts house of representatives, and in 1867 was retained with William M.