Sentence Examples with the word reconstruct

All these processes are regarded as a series of manifestations of a vital principle in higher and higher forms. Oken, again, who carries Schelling's ideas into the region of biological science, seeks to reconstruct the gradual evolution of the material world out of original matter, which is the first immediate appearance of God, or the absolute.

St Gregory declares that he obtained his information from four of St Benedict's disciples, whom he names; and there can be no serious reason for doubting that it is possible to reconstruct the outlines of St Benedict's career (see Hodgkin, Italy and her Invaders, iv.

He was one of the first to see that for Biblical exegesis it was necessary to reconstruct the social environment of olden times, and he skilfully applied his practical knowledge of statecraft to the elucidation of the books of Samuel and Kings.

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In order to reconstruct the hypothetical ancestral Crustacean, therefore, it is necessary to combine the characters of several of the existing groups.

But this example, combined with the Cartesian principles, set many active and ingenious spirits to work to reconstruct the whole of medicine on a physiological or even a mechanical basis - to endeavour to form what we should now call physiological or scientific medicine.

The gradual linking up of these will manifest the true genealogy of each class, and reconstruct its ancestral forms by proof instead of conjecture.

In the present state of biblical historical criticism this plan seemed more advisable than any attempt to reconstruct the history; the necessity for some reconstruction will, however, be clear to the reader on the grounds of both the internal intricacies and the external evidence.

The researches of the archaeologist are, in short, tending to reconstruct the primitive classical history; and here, as in the Orient, it is evident that historians of the earlier day were constantly blinded by a misconception as to the antiquity of civilization.

The new impulse given to biological research by the publication of the Origin of Species bore fruit in Fritz Muller's Filr Darwin, in which an attempt was made to reconstruct the phylogenetic history of the class.

On the data afforded by comparative anatomy and embryology in attempting to reconstruct the probable phylogeny of the class.