Sentence Examples with the word recipient

The font was viewed as the womb of the virgin mother church, who was in some congregations, for example, in the early churches of Gaul, no abstraction, but a divine aeon watching over and sympathizing with the children of her womb, the recipient even of hymns of praise and humble supplications.

He contributed extensively to the periodical literature of astronomy, and was twice, in 1823 and 1830, the recipient of the Royal Astronomical Society's gold medal.

I was surprised when the recipient of my muffled tip-calls was not the usual person.

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Pasteur was now the acknowledged head of the greatest chemical movement of the time, the recipient of honours both from his own country and abroad, and installed at the E.

Among these may be especially mentioned Michael Ainsworth, a native of Wimborne St Giles, the young man who was the recipient of the Letters addressed to a student at the university, and was maintained by Shaftesbury at University College, Oxford.

Rumford was the founder and the first recipient of the Rumford medal of the Royal Society.

When the waves are convergent and the recipient screen is placed so as to contain the centre of convergency - the image of the original radiant point, the calculation assumes a less complicated form.

He was the recipient of many medals and honorary degrees and was created K.C.B.

When we called in a tip, the recipient of our offering was located in a secure government-run facility in Omaha that promised total anonymity.

Others were exposed to bar room fights, muggings, schooled in army combat or at least been the recipient of a bloody nose from a third grade bully.