Sentence Examples with the word received

In the Civil War he attained the rank of brigadier-general (March 1863) and received the brevet of major-general (1865).

Old Portuguese, and more especially the poetic language of the I3th century, received from the language of the troubadours, in whose poetry the earlier Portuguese poets found much of their inspiration, certain words and certain turns of expression which have left upon it indelible traces.

Helen had been given a bed and carriage for her dolls, which she had received and used like any other gift.

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As for the intellectual development of the neophytes the mission system accomplished nothing; save the care of their souls they received no instruction, they were virtually slaves, and were trained into a fatal dependence, so that once coercion was removed they relapsed at once into barbarism.

Gelasius fled to Gaeta, where he was ordained priest on the 9th of March and on the following day received episcopal consecration.

The West Virginia Colored Orphans' Home near Huntington is not under state control, but has received appropriations from the legislature.

The changes introduced by the Genevan translators were, as a rule, a great improvement, and the version received a ready welcome and immediate popularity, not only on account of its intrinsic merits, but because of its handy size, usually that of a small quarto, and of its being printed, like Whittingham's New Testament, in a readable Roman type instead of black letter.

From the university of Dublin, he neither sought nor received the ordinary rewards to which his discoveries would entitle him.

Of England received absolution for the murder of Thomas Becket.

When this attempt to master the cross-roads had ended in failure, Ney received a verbal message from the emperor, enjoining him that, whatever happened at Quatre Bras, D'Erlon must be allowed to carry out the movement ordered by the emperor.