Sentence Examples with the word recede

In all the groups which are at present arboreal, the palaeontological evidence goes to show that their ancestors were likewise so; while since, in the case of modern terrestrial forms, the structure of the wrist and ankle joints tends to approximate to the arboreal type, as we recede in time, the available evidence, so far as it goes, is in favour of Dr Matthew's contention.

If we imagine 0 to recede to infinity in any direction we learn that a system of parallel forces proportional to nh, mi,.

As we recede in time we find the extinct representatives of many of these orders approximating more and more closely to a common generalized type, so that in a large number of early Eocene forms it is often difficult to decide to which group they should be assigned.

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Towards the north the hills recede from the coast and on both sides flats extend for distances varying from 5 to 15 m.

The science of geology came into existence, and the whole panorama of successive stages of the earth's history, each with its distinct population of strange animals and plants, unlike those of the present day and simpler in proportion as they recede into the past, was revealed by Cuvier, Agassiz and others.

The more Plato dwelt upon his world of ideas, the more they seemed to recede from the world of reality, standing over against it as principles of condemnation instead of revealing themselves in it.

As we recede from the coast the fog diminishes.

A body moving in a parabola or hyperbola would recede indefinitely from its centre of motion and never return to it.

But unless the orbit is an ellipse the body will never complete a revolution, but will recede indefinitely from the centre of motion.

Evidence of an original affinity between Turkoman and Rajput has also been found in the mutual possession by these races of a ruddy skin, so that as ethnographical inquiry advances the Turk appears to recede from his Mongolian affinities and to approach the Caucasian.