Sentence Examples with the word recantation

The calm cheerfulness and resolution with which he met his fate show that he felt that he had cleared his conscience, and that his recantation of his recantations was a repentance that needed not to be repented of.

Sigismund himself gave it as his opinion that it had been clearly proved by many witnesses that the accused had taught many pernicious heresies, and that even should he recant he ought never to be allowed to preach or teach again or to return to Bohemia, but that should he refuse recantation there was no remedy but the stake.

But after his recantation his detention was made less severe and he was allowed many alleviations.

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The recantation was probably insincere, for on returning to his diocese he taught adoptianism as before.

On the 8th of June the propositions extracted from the De Ecclesia were again taken up with some fulness of detail; some of these he repudiated as incorrectly given, others he defended; but when asked to make a general recantation he steadfastly declined, on the ground that to do so would be a dishonest admission of previous guilt.

The national system of education introduced in 1833 was the real recantation of intolerant opinions, but the economic state of Ireland was fearful.

Eckhart appears, however, to have made a conditional recantation - that is, he professed to disavow whatever in his writings could be shown to be erroneous.

His recantation of Episcopacy (1590) is probably spurious.

Northumberland's recantation had done much to discredit the Reformation, Cranmer's, it was hoped, would complete the work.

The Protestant Reformation met an early and general welcome in Styria, but the dukes took the most stringent measures to stamp it out, offering their subjects recantation or expatriation as the only alternatives.